Driver & Vehicle

We offer many Driver Licensing and Vehicle Registration Services.


We offer knowledge test for all classes of licenses, as well as road tests for Class 5 and 6.

Knowledge tests do not require an appointment and may be written from 8:30 am until 1/2 hour before closing. Road tests can be booked online at

Identification and Residency

In order to obtain an Alberta License or Alberta Identification Card you will be required to prove your identity, your legal status in Canada and proof of residency in Alberta.

You will also need these documents if your license or ID card has been expired for more than 6 months.

Some examples of Legal Presence documents include:

  • A Canadian birth certificate
  • A valid Canadian passport
  • A Secure Certificate of Indian Status (Federal Issued)
  • A valid Work Permit or Permanent Residency Card

These documents can also be used as secondary pieces of ID.

Some examples of residency include:

  • Mailed bank statements within 90 days
  • A tenancy/lease agreement
  • Online utility statements within 90 days

Please visit our office with your documents if you are unsure as to whether they are acceptable for residency/legal presence.

Renewing your current Alberta License

You will need to visit our office to renew your license. If you are a professional class 1, 2 or 4 driver or have a medical condition, a driver’s medical will also be required. If you are unsure as to whether you require a medical, please visit our office and we can let you know.

Out of Province Drivers

If you hold a Drivers License from any other province or territory in Canada, you can exchange it for a license of the same class in Alberta. You are required to obtain your Alberta Drivers license within 90 days of becoming a resident of Alberta. You will be required to surrender your old license, present a second piece of supporting identification and prove residency in Alberta and legal presence in Canada.

Out of Country Drivers

If you are new to Alberta and have been licensed in another country, you will be required to surrender your Driver’s license from your home jurisdiction. Alberta has reciprocal licensing agreements with the United States, the UK and several other countries that will allow you to exchange your license for an Alberta license without knowledge or driver testing. To find out if your country has a reciprocal Drivers Licensing agreement with Alberta, please visit our office. You will be required to provide proof of your identity, your legal status in Canada and proof of residency in Alberta.

Driver’s Abstracts

You will need to come into the office with your driver’s license to obtain an abstract, as they cannot be purchased online.  If you cannot make it into the office, simply fill out a Driver’s Abstract Consent Form to allow someone to come pick it up on your behalf.

If you are needing an Abstract and you are out of the province, you will need to mail your notarized request form in a pre-paid, self addressed envelope, along with a cheque or money order for $29 to our office as this service is not available online.


To register any motor vehicle in Alberta you will be required to provide identification, an original bill of sale and valid insurance for the vehicle you wish to register. You do not have to be a licenced driver in Alberta to own and register a vehicle.

If you are a minor (Under 18) you will require parental consent.

Please note that if there is more than one name on the ownership document, signatures will be required from all parties listed and all parties must be listed on the proof of Insurance.

New Vehicles

To register a brand-new vehicle purchased in Alberta you will need to provide the following documentation:

  • Bill of Sale. Must have the vehicle details including VIN number, Purchaser’s information, and authorized signatures of both the dealership and the purchaser. The Bill of Sale must be original or carbon copy. Photocopies and scanned images are not acceptable. If an original is not available, we are able to accept a faxed copy if it is faxed directly from the dealership along with a cover letter.
  • New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS). The NVIS will be provided to you by the dealer and will be required for registration purposes. We must have the original – photocopied or faxed copies are not acceptable. If an original NVIS is not available, a copy of the factory invoice can be used in its place. The factory invoice must be accompanied by a letter from the dealership explaining why the original NVIS is not available.
  • Proof of Insurance.

Used Vehicles

If you have purchased a used vehicle that was last registered in Alberta, you will require the following:

  • Bill of Sale with accurate vehicle information and details and signatures of the buyer and seller. Must be the original document.
  • Proof of Insurance for the vehicle being registered.

Out of Province Vehicles

If you have purchased a vehicle in another province and are going to register it in Alberta it will require an inspection prior to registration.

You will need to visit our office with your ownership documents (a bill of sale or your current registration from the other province) and we will provide you with a form to have the vehicle inspected at any licensed inspection facility in Alberta. Please bring your proof of inspection paperwork to our office as soon as possible, even if you are not registering the vehicle right away, as the inspection forms are only valid for 14 days.

Cancelling Your Registration after you have left Alberta

If you have left Alberta, you may be able to obtain a refund for the unused portion of your Alberta Registration. There are both Government and Registry fees associated with cancelling your plates.

Mail or fax a completed Registration Cancellation or License Plate/Cab Card Status Declaration (see link below for the form) or a written request containing the following elements directly to our office:

  • Date
  • Name of Owner(s)
  • Current Address
  • Daytime telephone number
  • Identification type and number
  • License plate number. If not returning the plate, you must declare what has happened to the plate.
  • Signature of all registered owners
  • A copy of your registration from your new jurisdiction.
  • Payment of $7.00 per requested cancellation. (Registry agent fee, not included in the Government fee of $10.50)

Please do not send trailer plates back as they are a lifetime registration and no refund will be made.